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Talkabout any of it it was great and ithurts my feelings so I guess what I’masking is what’s a Nice Nice Naughty Redhead Christmas way is there way thatyou guys have been able to talk tofriends and family about what you’redoing and what it what minimalism isabout without damaging the relationshipyeah so so here’s the thing about giftsit’s a sensitive subject the closer youget to the the holiday or gift givingoccasion right the problem is we waituntil Thanksgiving to start trying toset expectations about Christmas giftsit is May 8th today it’s alreadystarting to become too late to starttalking about Christmas that’s how soonyou need to start talking aboutChristmas with your friends and familyit’s really about setting expectationsand I found that that if I set myexpectations well in advance andfrequently enough but it’s not justabout telling people what I don’t wantwhat I don’t want isn’t interesting Italked to them about what I do wantgive me an experience or if you want togive me a physical thing give me aconsumable great bag of coffee or bottleconsumable great. Could address it address it a lotearlier and so now with my partner weconstantly have difficult conversationswe talk about our values a lot we talkabout our beliefs and we talk aboutwhether or not we still want to be inthis relationship and that sounds harshat first but you we know that we’re bothwilling to walk away from therelationship now and because of that itmakes it so much stronger because youalways know that other person is therenot other convenience or out ofproximity but because they really wantto be thereI wanted to say it’s impossible I wouldsay it’s impossible to be with someonethat has different core values therebetween two people of different corevalues but it certainly makes itchallenging right I mean you know when Ifirst met Mariahwe got along really really well thenlike at some point you know she’s likeyou know I’m not a minimalist she’s likeI really want to be a minimalist like Ifelt like you know 60 pairs of shoes andyou know that for me it was there’s likeactually 62 pairs of shoes yeah you. Well wehave more access to ephemeral things andwe really have to be careful with thatbecause we are training ourselves to dothe antithesis of deep work but there’sso many more nuggets in there than justthat but yeah check it out countNewports interview on the art of charmlet’s move on to right here right nowthis is a Ryan and I we get to discusswhat’s going on in the lives of theminimalists now that we’re back aftertour Missoula Montana we got a bunch ofstuff going on that I want to make youaware of so first off coming very soonwe’re gonna have some tour stops andsome fairly random places you’ll see whyin a second we’re going to be in Orlandowe’re gonna be in Fargo and we’re gonnabe in Europe now I’m going to keep it alittle bit vague there but let’s gothrough those quicklywas a horrible terrorist attack a lonewolf terrorist attack in Orlando and sowe want to do something for Orlando yeahwe’ve talked about this before rightyeah thoughts and prayers aren’t enoughI mean it can be a good start for somepeople to share

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Nice Nice Naughty Redhead Christmas , Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Nice Nice Naughty Redhead Christmas

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Funniescongratulationslike yeah that is awesome I know I amlooking to move somewhere closer to workis it bad to spend a Nice Nice Naughty Redhead Christmas bit more for anapartment that has an extra bedroom thatI want for a home office or is itwasteful when I’m single but would stillbe saving 30 percent of my income evenwith the extra room that it there’s nota black or white answer to that rightyeah I mean there are there are timeswhen yes you should save the money itdepends on what your what you’re savingfor I mean if I was in his situation Iwant to ask myself what is it that I’mactually saving for yeah what does myoutcome here yeah because maybe maybethe outcome is I want to be moreproductive and this office is gonna helpme do I think about our friend Rob Bellone thing he did when he was living inGrand Rapids and he was trying toprotect his time for creating because hewas managing this large organization hewas he was working at a church and theweird thing about becoming the creativeperson at church you’re also the managerand so like you’re there people. For theVIP folks but don’t worry you’re allVIPs and in my mind and so we if youstay after we give out hugs they’re freeand transferable you need six Dan forhappiness 12 a day for growth they sayso yeah we’ll be out there with thatwe’ll have books if you can’t afford abook or you forgot to bring your walletdon’t worry we’ll buy you a book so Iwill happily give you a book it’s on usif you want one or you can just come fora hug or a photo or whatever whateveryou like oh and some something to usehere what about The Neptunes hit herholy moly what a great place yeah I’vewe’ve been to a bunch of differentvenues in this tour has been so much Imean thankfully this is the first timewe are charged people to come to ourtours because it stops just got so bigthat we like Ryan and I can’t afford torent this theater and allow everyone tocome for free but we don’t really makeany money from touring what what we dois we pay the people that we work withand then obviously rent out theaterslike this we’re really grateful to beable to have. Book check it out ifyou get a chance Ryan I am going torecommend an interview with Cal Newportso if you are listening and you likeheard us talk about Cal Newport andyou’ve heard us recommend deep work orso good they can’t ignore you and youdon’t really want to read those booksyou can listen to this interview thatCal Newport did on the art of charm thatwill be in the show notes Shawn will putthat in there that’s a good podcastJordan interviewer yeah it’s a greatpodcast because he talks about the deepwork and really what he means by thatbut not only that I think the biggestthing that like stood out to me in thatpodcast was how how we have trainedourselves to do a femoral work we havetrained ourselves to be reactionary andwent and when he said that and I lookedback at you know but my my days ofyesteryear and even over the last sixyears you know fighting to keep thesehabits consistent and to work on essaysand to work on you know books and thisand thatit is so easy to go to the ephemeralstuff and the more time goes on
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